7 Time-Saving Cooking Tips

It seems like it happens every night. After a long day at work, you are exhausted and want to cook dinner. You don’t need to order a full-service delivery service just to save some time. These simple kitchen time-savers can be used instead. They all take less than a minute.

These simple kitchen hacks will help you save time and calories. This will give you more time to exercise, spend time with family, or catch kulinarika up on your favorite Netflix series. These hacks can be time-saving and smart swaps, but you can also learn more healthy cooking tricks with these 32 Kitchen Hacks!

1. Before you cook, make sure to read the entire recipe

It seems simple enough, but we sometimes forget to read the entire recipe before we start cooking. You can avoid being blindsided by a tedious step by reading the entire recipe before you begin. This will ensure that you are prepared for every difficult step. Do you want to be prepared? This is the time to prepare your ingredients in advance so that you don’t have to dig through your spice cupboard at the last minute.

2. Use a kitchen knife to crush garlic.

You can skip the tedious process of peeling garlic cloves. Simply place the clove on the flat side of a knife blade and smash it with your heel. Make a paste by smashing the garlic and then mash it with your hands or the knife again until you get the desired consistency.

3. At room temperature, grate Parmesan cheese.

Ask any chef and they will tell you to keep Parmesan cheese room temperature at all costs. It’s true: Warm Parmesan cheese is more efficient than cold cheese. You can refrigerate your block, but that’s fine. Just bring it to room temperature before you cook.

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4. Boil water in an electric kettle

Boiling water can take up to 10 minutes. However, an electric kettle takes just a few minutes. Genius!

5. When working with meat, wear gloves

Working with meats can be a total time suck because you risk cross-contamination–and serious illness–if you handle other ingredients right after prepping the meat. Multiple washings of your hands can increase the cooking time. Therefore, only prepare meat when you are wearing gloves. Then take off the gloves for the rest.

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6. To check the freshness of eggs, use the float test

Are you unable to remember the date of purchase? You don’t have to worry about it; eggs can be used well beyond their expiration dates. To ensure freshness, you can do the “float test” before adding any spoiled eggs to your dinner. Simply put the egg in a bowl of warm water. They should not float; they are bad if they sink horizontally and then they will be fine.

7. Create a meal plan.

Before you begin cooking, don’t make a decision about what you will be having for dinner. Instead, create a master menu plan for the week on Sundays. Then write down the ingredients that you will need for each dish. This makes shopping easier and you don’t have to look at your plan before beginning the dinner-making process.