9 ways to plan out the perfect bridal shower

Bridal showers are a fabulous way to celebrate the bride-to-be and are always a perfect excuse to get fancy! If it’s your first time planning a bridal shower and you have little to no idea where to begin, this post is for you!

Let’s explore the best ways to plan the bridal shower to remember!

1.  Start with the budget

You can’t afford to start planning without setting at least a ballpark figure of the budget. You don’t want to overspend and you want to make sure that you’re spending more on the crucial elements and less on the trivial stuff, so create a budget and work around that. This is also where you can decide when to hire professionals and when to DIY, be it in terms of party decor or food preparation.

2.  Set the date

Bridal showers are usually set 6 months to 4 weeks before the wedding. You don’t want it too close to the wedding date as the bride will then be all too busy with preparing for the actual big day.

3.  Make the guest list

Ideally, you’d have to talk to the bride to finalize the guest list. You don’t need to invite to the bridal shower every female invited to the wedding. This sacred tradition is usually  exclusive to the bride’s closest family and friends. It should be intimate, so the maximum head count should ideally be just around 30-50 people. If it’s way fewer than that, no problem!

4.  Choose a venue

After you have finalized the guest list, then you can choose the ideal venue that matches the size of the party. The venue should be able to accommodate all guests comfortably. If there’s only a handful of guests, you can also just consider hosting the party at someone’s house.

5.  Choose a bridal shower theme

You can either work with the bride or if it’s a surprise event, work with someone closest to the bride to ensure that the party really reflects everything she loves. You can set a dress code based on the chosen theme.

6.  Send the bridal shower invites

You can also just DIY the bridal shower invitations. There are a lot of templates for wedding package flyers online and you can create beautiful invitations in a matter of seconds. On the invites, indicate the date, time, venue, and dress code (if applicable).

7.  Finalize the bridal shower menu

Even the menu can match the theme or have its own theme. You can include the bride’s favorites or you can also go for the classic bridal shower menu including salads, cupcakes, sandwiches, assorted cheeses, tartlets and desserts, brunch items, and even a chocolate fountain for an even sweeter touch. And don’t forget the sparkling wine or champagne!

8.  Plan some fun games or activities

Games make all parties fun. You can do scavenger hunt, wedding pictionary, wedding trivia, the ring game, two truths and a life, among many other game ideas that can spruce up the event. You might as well prepare prizes because who doesn’t love them?

9.  Do the final touches

You can set up a photo booth, prepare thank you notes, prepare the perfect music playlist, and add more personal touches to the party. As long as you cover all the bases, you’re good to go.

If the entire preparation is too much, you can also consider hiring a professional party planner. But if you have the time and energy and you want something fancy to come to life, you can also just knuckle down and start planning!