AR Enter tainment: Four Great Uses for AR in the Industry

ar enter can be used in many ways in the Entertainment sector as part of advertising ar enter and marketing efforts. It is no surprise then that AR Entertainment is expected to reach almost $4.5 Billion by 2030.

1. Portals: Transport users to another planet AR Entertainment

Portals are one of the most immersive AR Entertainment types. They transport users to a place through their phone screen. Users can explore, wander and turn around 360o. AR can be used to recreate a location or encourage people to explore it.

This portal from Aladdin the Musical is a great example of an AR Entertainment portal. This effect was created to allow fans to access the Cave of Wonders from their mobile devices. They were then able to touch a magic lamp and summon the Genie.

2. Face filters: Encourage word of mouth among brand ambassadors 

Face filters are still the most effective and popular form gon and killua of AR. This is due to their ease-of-use and fun appeal. You only need to go to Instagram to see the proliferation of face filters offered by giants like Netflix and HBO. AR is a popular way for entertainment companies to promote word-of-mouth and virality.

3. Engage with fans at events and in the real world through World Lenses

World effects work in the same way as face filters but use the back camera. These effects allow users to place 3D objects within their environment and interact with them.

They are well-suited for events and in person interactions, although not always.

This type of experience in-person is great as it makes brand engagement much more personal and adds a fun element to the sometimes susanne benton long waits that can be a part of these events.

4. Image trackers: Augment printed promotions with AR to encourage ticket sales on-the-spot

Augmented posters, magazines, and books are a great use of AR. This allows users scan a page from a magazine or advertisement poster to enhance the image and gain additional information.

This effect was demonstrated by the BBC’s recent Snapchat Lens. It was created to promote His Dark Materials. They used a Snapcode to promote the show on billboards. After scanning the poster, the app identified it as the target image. It then augmented it by creating an armoured bear that emerges from the poster and giving a powerful roar.

5. Last words

There are many ways AR Entertainment can be used. From portals to face filters, world lenses and image trackers to Snapchat to Instagram, you have so many options. It’s an exciting time to get your feet in AR Entertainment.

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