Wedding Cakes

Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Right Wedding Cake

Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Right Wedding Cake

Now it’s time to choose the stunning wedding cake. The ideal time for most couples to start searching for the perfect bakery and then the wedding cake is usually between 3-6 months prior to the big day.

How to Choose Your Wedding Cake

Online research is the best place to start your search for memorable and creative wedding cake designs. Look for reviews and testimonials from happy couples on wedding planner websites. Next, visit the bakery websites to see images of their wedding cakes. You can also view their nuptial confections if the images are not up-to-date. Look for a reliable baker who has received positive feedback from happy couples and offers a variety of wedding cake decorations.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, go to your top picks in person. You can meet with staff members to see the images of each cake. Many wedding cake designers provide dedicated staff members to help you discuss your ideas. You can leave if you’re uncomfortable with the person you’re working with, or feel rushed.

The Cake Tasting

Before you place your order, schedule a time to sample wedding cakes. You can try all the flavors if you don’t like one. Even basic flavors like strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate may taste different depending on how they were made. Do not assume the cake will taste like it does.

Choose from a variety of creative wedding cake designs

The traditional white frosted towers with plastic toppers for wedding cakes are no more. Brides today like to incorporate their color scheme into the design of their wedding cake. Others decorate the cake with matching bridal jewels.

You can also look at current trends if you aren’t sure what design to choose. The big trend this season in wedding cake decorations was to match the design with the bride‚Äôs dress. This includes the ruffle and jewelry. Buttercream frosting is also making a comeback. Buttercream frosting is richer than modern sugary frostings. Oval wedding cakes are the most popular. Square wedding cakes are more popular than traditional designs. Oval-shaped wedding cakes are a great way to draw attention and allow for creativity.

Other Wedding Cake Ideas

Don’t wait to place your order and decide on the perfect wedding cake design. This is the first sin in custom wedding cake planning. The most successful bakeries reserve custom wedding cakes well in advance, sometimes even months. Sometimes ingredients and wedding cake toppers must be ordered in special quantities or made by the bakery. These special requests require patience and sometimes even experimentation.

Another mistake that many couples make is asking too many people for their opinions. You can be confused by the input from your family, friends, or bridal party and get mad. You might consider bringing a couple of trusted friends along to the bakery. The design of your wedding cake should reflect you as the bride and groom.

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