Flash Photography: Tips

How to Get Better Lighting With Camera Flashes?

A camera flash photography is an essential part of being a photographer. To be able to use your built-in or external flashes more confidently when taking photos, you must first learn about their many uses.

Contrary to popular belief, flash can be used more than just to brighten a scene or subject. Flash photography is fun because it can set the mood, emphasize image elements and create special effects.

This article will show you how to use flash techniques to improve your images.

Flash Photography Tips

Being a skilled photographer means being able shoot in almost any type of shooting situation with different lighting conditions. This is why you need to have knowledge and experience in flash photography.

We’ve included a list of flash photography techniques you might have tried and heard about. These tips can be used with your camera’s built-in flash, but you will need an external shoe-mount flash to get more creative freedom.

  • Bout the Light
  • Flash!
  • Ambient light can be used
  • Use colored flash gels
  • TTL Technology
  • High-Speed Flash Synchronization enabled
  • You can use more than one flash
  • Bout the Light

A flash photographer’s first and most important lesson is not to point the flash directly at your subject. Nobody wants to see dark shadows and harsh lighting in their photos.

To create better lighting, bounce your flash against another surface. To create more light and soften the lighting on your subject, you can fire your flash against a different surface, such as a wall or ceiling of neutral color.


Diffusing the flash light can also create more appealing lighting. A diffuser, which is similar to bouncing the light, increases the area of your flash to create softer, more even lighting.

Pop-up flash diffusers are available, as well as professional-grade diffusers made of tupperware. Both are designed to increase the flash coverage even when directed towards your subject. Mini softboxes can be combined with speedlights to create a more studio-like lighting effect.