Psycho Crasher: Wedding Will Rethink Your RSVP

Although wedding season is over, Lifetime still has one more RSVP: Psycho Crasher Wedding . This original movie, which was created by Lifetime, can be sent to any guest. You might be curious if Psycho Wedding Crasher is inspired by real stories, given Lifetime’s track record of creating original stories based on real events.

Although no one involved in the movie suggested this plot was lifted from the headlines (although Jenna (Heather Morris) is a young woman who becomes obsessed with a young man because she wants to marry him), it does show a relatable side. Psycho Crasher Wedding  may be a dramatic portrayal of millennial anxiety about weddings, but marriage and families are changing rapidly as this generation enters adulthood. This is reportedly due to a major global financial crisis, and cultural shifts.

psycho crasher Wedding 

The CDC reports that the US has a higher marriage rate than in 2000, when it was 8.2 per thousand people. This is compared to 6.9 per thousand people in 2014. Although the trend is not as dramatic, it suggests that fewer people are getting married these days than they did in previous years. Pew Research shows that millennial marriage rates have fallen significantly compared to older generations. As of 2014, 68% of millennials hadn’t married and the average age for marriage went from 21 and 23 to 27 and 29 for men and women, respectively.

Wedding is about a woman

Psycho Crasher Wedding is about a woman who abuses her aunt and makes Morris’ character go to extremes to kidnap a man to force him to marry her. Although it’s not as painful as suffering abuse, there is a seemingly innocent modern convenience that many millennials love. This can lead to loneliness. NPR reports that social media can make people feel lonely because they are constantly surrounded by images of others living their lives. FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is real.

summer of psycho crasher wedding invitations

Strangely, Jenna’s desire for control after a summer of wedding invitations and seeing other people’s carefully curated social media profiles may be something audiences can relate to. Although the Lifetime movie’s premise is a bit zany, it looks great and Morris’ Glee performance proves that Morris can still deliver wedding crown a hilarious performance. Although Psycho Crasher Wedding isn’t for you if you are a true criminal, it can make for a great Labor Day weekend watch.