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Purple Wedding Rings: Brightly Coloured Zirconium

It is possible to purchase Purple Wedding Rings. We added to our growing collection of coloured wedding rings this week. Each ring is made from solid Zirconium and each one is custom-made for each client. Zirconium has a lot in common with Titanium. There is one difference. Zirconium is anodized with different colours, unlike Titanium. Laser-engraved details on the rings create a vivid, iridescent purple glow.

There are many variations of Purple Wedding Rings

Any design, pattern or detail can be applied to the surface of a Zirconium-based wedding ring. You can make this pattern purple. The ring’s surface cannot be anodized. The thin layer of anodized surface will cause the colour to fade. Instead, make purple wedding rings that are detailed in the colour. Alternativly, you can add the colour inside the ring like in our ‘Denim Blue’ and ‘Blue Wave’ wedding ring box designs.

Purple Rings are more than just Wedding Rings

Purple wedding rings don’t have to be expensive. Many people buy purple wedding rings for every day wear and special occasions. You can match coloured accessories with clothing, so you can match them.

Purple Wedding Rings & Purple Engagement Rings

Purple gemstones match purple wedding rings perfectly. Amethyst-February’s Birthstone, which is the most prominent purple gemstone, is a great complement to a wedding band.

We are happy to provide any assistance for anyone who is looking for a slim, purple, or specific design. Contact a member our friendly team today.

Purple Diamond Mines

Each year, only a handful of pure purple match diamonds are discovered in the world. South Africa has been home to purple diamonds.

Two Russian mines, Yakutia, and Arkhangelsk have produced small amounts of diamonds that are purple-colored.

One of the few sources of violet diamonds is Australia’s Argyle Mine. Argyle is the source of most of the world’s violet-colored diamonds. In the history of the mine, less than 100 carats have been discovered of rough violet diamond. In the 32 years of Argyle Tender (an annual sale of the best quality fancy colored diamonds from the mine), only 12 carats violet diamonds were offered.

The Meaning and History of Purple Wedding Rings Diamonds

There aren’t any purple diamonds that are truly iconic. The Purple Heart, a 7.34 carat purple diamond known as the Purple Heart, is the most famous purple diamond. However, its current owner remains unknown. The Purple Orchid, a 3.37-carat purple diamond, which is the one featured at the top, was sold in Hong Kong in 2014 for $4 million. It is not known who the current owner is or what the selling price was.

The Argyle Violet is a 2.83-carat fancy deep grayish bluish violet violet diamond that was found in the 2016 Argyle tender. It is the largest ever discovered violet diamond in Australia.

Purple is the color of royalty and purple diamonds are considered the most regal gemstone. Purple diamonds are a symbol of serenity, courage, and honor.

How to judge the Quality of purple Diamonds?

Purple diamond engagement rings are best if the color saturation or intensity is high. The GIA color grading system for purple diamonds starts with Faint and Very Light and continues to the coveted fancy violet colors Fancy Light, Fancy and Fancy Intense. Fancy Deep and Fancy Dark are terms that describe diamonds with a strong color, but less saturation than Fancy Vivid Purple and Fancy Intense Purple. The Fancy Light and Fancy Color grades have a significant difference in the price per carat. Violet diamonds have a more intense and dark tone. Purple diamonds tend to be more pale and pastel than violet.

Both violet and purple diamond engagement rings  can contain modifying colors. Many purple diamonds are modified by pink or brown. Violet diamonds often have gray or blue modifications. The dominant color is the last mentioned in a GIA report. When the secondary color is less obvious, the GIA uses an adjective to describe the color and a noun to describe the color. A pinkish-purple diamond is a primary purple color with a subtle pink tint. However, a pinkish-purple diamond has a noticeable pink tint and is still primarily purple. A purple diamond with secondary brown colors is worth less. The price per carat of fancy colored diamonds can vary by a small difference in their color.

A GIA Colored Diamond Grading Report is essential when you’re considering buying a fancy-colored diamond. RockHer will never sell a fancy colored stone without a GIA grading report. GIA has graded almost every major fancy colored diamond in the marketplace. Only GIA’s description is used by the market to price fancy colored diamonds.