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Etiquette and Tips for Bridal Shoppers

Etiquette and tips when purchasing bridal items.

We understand what makes our Bridal Shoppers unique and what brides enjoy about the wedding experience. Every bride seems to appreciate having “shop to ourselves” or getting personalized styling advice, which fills us with joy. This job allows us to spend quality time with brides-to-be while they navigate the process. In order to have intimate meetings, we must inform them about how our shop runs, what to expect, and general bridal etiquette.

These guidelines are specific to our boutique of bridal gowns, but most are universal etiquette principles that can be applied anywhere you shop.

Locating Research Shops

Bridal shops typically have websites where you can view designs, prices, lead times and other details. Before making an appointment at any shop make sure it matches both your style and budget – it’s essential to create a budget beforehand! Establishing this budget before visiting any salon should be your top priority.

  • TIP – Consider the cost of alterations, veil and accessories when setting your overall budget.

Give Us A Call

If you are in the area and would like to visit our showroom to view our gowns, please call us for an appointment. We understand how stressful it can be for brides traveling from far away, so we make every effort to accommodate every request. Plus, as wedding season draws nearer, having someone on-hand before your big day helps ensure a stress-free experience! Even though we will do our best to assist you during your visit, contacting us beforehand can make all the difference!

Timely Cancellations

Our boutique reserves two hour appointments for our brides-to-be. Since we only book one appointment per day, if someone cancels or fails to show up, you will still have two hours of service. Beginning January 1, 2020 there will be a $50 cancellation fee applied to anyone who fails to show up or cancels less than 24 hours before their appointment.

  • TIP – We understand brides are likely going to be shopping around for their gowns, and may visit other stores. To prevent last-minute cancellations, it’s wise not to book appointments on the same days or in the same order. Separate your shop visits. If you find your gown elsewhere, be sure to call any existing standing appointments you may have immediately and let them know!

Once booked, be prepared!

When trying on wedding dresses, you want the experience to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

  • TIP- Go light on the makeup. We don’t want to see lipstick or foundation stains in our new samples.

Additionally, consider your undergarments when planning a bridal ensemble. Brides often joke that their “favorite color here” underwear interferes with the look of the gown and can create an amusing scene. Spanx can help smoothen tight fitting gowns for added comfort.

If you want us to trim the gown accurately and comfortably, a bra with a strapless cut is necessary. Some of our gowns have either low or open backs which make it difficult for us to clip onto something without an anchor point.

Shop Communication

A reminder email will be sent out a few days prior to your appointment. Please read it carefully and consider bringing along what we recommend. Our office is centrally located, so parking may be challenging. Before you come in, we provide suggestions via email.

Bring Your Decision Maker

It is wise to bring along a “decision-maker” when attending your appointment. Every bride is advised to bring back “soands” for feedback, but this can put a damper on the moment when you find your dream dress!

  • TIP – Some stores may only have a certain number of return appointments available each day. In such cases, make sure you arrive on that day! We provide one free initial appointment and any subsequent ones will incur a charge. Therefore, it’s best if you feel comfortable and ready when visiting us for the first time.

Arriving for Appointments

Before visiting us for an initial consultation, please be aware that certain shops may have limited opening hours.

Always Be on Time

Arriving late or early can disrupt your appointment, and an appointment that doesn’t get finished on schedule will take more time to complete.

  • TIP: Plan to meet with your group before arriving to share greetings. Large groups often take longer appointments due to all the hellos, hugs and gifts exchanged; making the most of your visit by taking care of these details ahead of time.

Be Mindful

Stepping into our salon can seem like an overwhelming maze of choices for your little girl. We understand, but pulling too many or allowing others to select the same dresses can lead to frustration. That’s why we have a strategy in place: maximize your appointment time so you don’t feel rushed!

  • TIP – Recall that we are here to assist you and have an impressive inventory. Taking risks can reap major rewards; push yourself beyond what feels comfortable and see where it leads!
  • TIP: Be sure your guests understand that even though it may be tempting, they cannot take gowns off the rack. While they may help you select a style to try on, insisting that the bride wears a particular style is frowned upon. We promise to help you find the right look – no pressure!

This information should help you know what to expect when visiting us. Our goal is to make your shopping experience for dresses an effortless one, and we can’t wait to welcome you into the shop!

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