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The Couple Celebrated a Traditional “Viking Wedding”

The Couple Celebrated a Traditional Viking Wedding With a Blood Offering

They exchanged vows on 18 May 2019 in a ceremony performed by a pagan priest at their San Antonio, Texas, USA home. Dorian: “We tried to make the service as authentic as a viking wedding ceremony. We went back 1000 years. “There was something magical about it that we couldn’t get from a regular Christian wedding.”

“I still love my credit cards, my TV, and my laptop. We spent $2,600 (PS2,050), on all the food, clothing, and tables for our wedding. But I also value the pagan religion’s values, which emphasize nature and feel one with the earth. That’s how we wanted our viking wedding. Charlee and Dorian met in March 2018, at the Sherwood Forest Faire, McDade, Texas. Here, visitors can dress up in historical costumes and watch sword fighting and jousts.

Dorian was approached by Viking Wedding Charlee who was then based in Houston. She was attracted to his long flowing hair and 6ft 4in height. She has been a medievalist since high school, and she remembers that she was attracted to Dorian’s long flowing locks and 6ft 4in stature when she studied the art from the middle ages. “But what really attracted me to Dorian was that he was so genuine. We became friends immediately, and I knew I wanted to be with Dorian. Charlee moved in with Harrison, her two-year-old son, and Coco, his daughter from a previous relationship.

They were married on the 18th of May 2019, the Full Moon, also known as the Flower Moon. This full moon is a symbol for growth and new life. Dorian said, “We had a civil marriage in October so that we could be married according to the law.” “But there was no doubt that we were going for a viking wedding, which would have more emotional resonance than any formal ceremony could.” The couple invited 44 of their friends from the pagan community to their wedding on Friday 17 May. They kicked off the celebration with a meal.

Dorian, in furs, and Charlee (in a simple lavender gown), met their guests at dusk near an oak tree to start a ceremony according to ancient Norse pagans rites. Lorraine Richardson, 52 and Sean Finlay, 49, were their priestess and priestess. The nuptials were conducted by Lorraine Richardson and Sean Finlay.