Virtual Wedding Guide: Tips For Streaming Your Wedding

You are not the only one who has had to change or postpone your wedding plans due to the coronavirus epidemic. Covid-19 has made a significant impact on the wedding industry. While it can feel devastating to have to cancel your wedding, we are here for you to find some optimism as you replan, reschedule and reimagine your day.

Look at the Marriage Laws in Your Locality

These laws may vary depending on where you live and what state you are in. Some regions have specific time frames between getting your license and getting married. You may need to plan a few days ahead if you want to elope.

Assemble Your Virtual Planning Team

You don’t have to change your wedding plan. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get some support from friends or a planner. Ask your wedding planner if they can help organize. Are you still looking for decorations? You want to order take-out food? Do you have a special wedding cake? You are allowed to have fun, keep the traditions and special moments you like, but you must be safe during coronavirus or the region where you live.

Select a platform

You have options. Decide whether you want people to watch your live stream or if they will be able to view you and your guests as you are. This is the most important factor when you decide how to broadcast your ceremony.

Send invitations

It will be fun for your guests to get invites to your event, and they’ll also learn more about the wedding experience. Are they allowed to dress up in virtual wedding attire? Do they need to bring their own champagne? Are there any fun afterparties where they can socialize in smaller groups? We are eager to hear what you come up with.

Pamper Yourself

Make it an event, since you will most likely do your hair and make-up. You can start by doing whatever it takes to relax and feel rejuvenated for the special day. Then, you can move on to the next night.

Create a Playlist

Making a list of your favourite music can make getting ready and cooking breakfast more enjoyable. Anything that gives you energy for socializing, taking photos and being in love is a good choice. It will make your hair and makeup look great (and your partner’s too! It will make your hair and makeup more enjoyable, and less of a chore.


You can still have an altar with flowers if you want it. Talk to your florist and ask them if they can alter your old plan to accommodate your new event. Chances are they will gladly make your day extra special, even if it means you have to drastically reduce the amount of flowers you ordered.

Dress up

There are no set rules for brides. If you don’t want to wear your wedding dress, you can opt for something more casual. You can also just do it! It’s been thrilling to have special moments during this pandemic. Perhaps your most extravagant attire will make the day more meaningful and memorable.