Wedding Dresses

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Gown Preservation

You or someone you know has recently had a marriage. It would be a waste to not save it. Many wedding dress preservation Chicago have significant sentimental value. Wedding gowns are a memento, a memento, and a way to remember one of the most significant milestones in a person’s life: her wedding.

While most brides are too excited to get their wedding gowns fitted, many don’t know how to properly clean and preserve them. Many people simply wash their wedding gown preservation in the local laundry shop, then store it somewhere. This is a bad practice as improper storage can cause damage and discoloration. We have some suggestions to help you preserve your wedding gown after the big day.

After using it, keep it safe

It is essential that your gown be stored immediately after you have used it to prevent any damage. Wrap your wedding gown in white cotton sheets, then wrap it with its bag. You can protect your wedding dress from dirt and dust by covering it with white cotton sheets. It is recommended to lay the garment flat.

Talk to a cleaning expert

You can temporarily store your wedding gown in the above manner and then consult a professional immediately for your cleaning. This is a difficult task that can ruin your wedding gown forever. Experts in wedding gown cleaning will use different methods, such as delicate but thorough hand washing and special ingredients to remove stains. Ask questions to find out if the person who is cleaning your wedding gown is qualified and experienced. In case of an unexpected event, it is a good idea to ask for a warranty.

Hire a professional wedding gown preservation company

Now you can move on to preservation of your wedding gown. Professional preservation is recommended to protect your wedding gown from staining, permanent creasing and mold.

While there are many ways that a wedding gown preservation company can preserve your gown, you may prefer to use vacuum sealing. This prevents possible oxidation that could cause discoloration. Other methods are available that don’t require sealing your wedding dress. Instead, you can use plastics or boxes that are acid-free to protect it from light and air.

Keep your wedding gown safe in a cool and dark place

Your wedding dress should be stored in areas where humidity is low and the sun is not directly overhead. This is important to prevent your wedding dress from discoloration and fading. Avoid storing your gown in an attic or basement, as they can become very hot and can flood. You should store it under your bed, or in a dry cupboard.

You should check your gown from time to time

It doesn’t mean you should just keep your wedding dress in your closet. You should still inspect it for any discoloration or damage to ensure that it is immediately repaired.

Be careful

You should never take your dress out, regardless of whether you intend to wear it again or just to look back at your wedding. Re-use it if you have used it before. If it is not acid-free, put it back in its original box and store it. It is a good idea to have your wedding gown vacuum sealed once more.