Wedding Engagement Rings

Your guide to choosing a Moissanite Engagement Ring

Firstly, congratulations are in order! You have found that special someone and now you want to locate an engagement ring to your proposal.

Locating the ideal ring may be a very overwhelming process, attempting to catch your love and esteem for one another whilst balancing fashion, the hottest trends and price, is thwart with difficulties. Do not worry, this detailed Wedding Rings manual will run through each of the essential actions to be sure you discover the perfect engagement ring which will be treasured forever.

The 4C’s


The cut of a gemstone describes it is proportions and symmetry, not the true form of this gemstone. The cut will influence how many aspects each rock has and the quantity of light that’s dispersed and represented from the rock, this impacts how much your ring dissipates.


We inventory the worlds superior Moissanite Rings, Charles & Colvard, Forever One. We utilize the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) scale of color, to put it simply, this ranges from D, into some Z score.

A”D” score has the smallest quantity of color, although a Z score has a light yellow color, really colourless diamonds (D) are prized because of their rarity.

Our Forever One gemstones are rated as DEF and therefore are colourless.


The clarity of a rock is decided by the number of inclusions, the fewer inclusions the higher the clarity of this stone. It is typical for all stone to possess natural defects, these frequently seem like tiny crystals, clouds or feathers.

Alexander Sparks moissanite diamonds are rated by a certified gemologist (gemmological Institute of America) with a 10x jewellers loupe to guarantee each rock has no visible inclusions.


Our diamonds are measured in carats, this denotes that the burden not the magnitude of a gemstone. Sometimes rings will have corresponding secondary stones, unwanted rock and melees, all these are always contained in the general carat burden of a ring.

One of the principal advantages of picking a moissanite engagement ring out of Alexander Sparks is your wonderful price point of every ring, so you can save tens of thousands of pounds while purchasing a moissanite stone when compared with a pure diamond. This permits our clients great flexibility when choosing what size carat stone they need without being limited by price.

Ordinarily an equal 1ct diamond solitaire retails from #4000 – #10,000, here in Alexander Sparks you may buy a 1ct, Charles and Colvard, Forever One moissanite rock from 740.

Gemstone Shapes

Now we have covered the fundamentals, what gemstone contour to select? This is quite a personal option, the conventional and most popular of which can be really a brilliant round cut form. Symmetrically cut and faceted to Boost the incoming light that’s then dispersed throughout the rocks ideal proportions, each aspect reflecting against one another to maximise that particular sparkle.

A vibrant round stone could be put is many different different ring styles like a solitaire, three stone setting or halo. A brilliant round cut is the most popular rock cut available on the market these days, a genuine classic which matches any ring and setting fashion.

Or, possibly a princess cut silhouette. A square with pointed corners made from the 1970’s, square in the top narrowing to a cone in its base radiating fire and genius, a traditional solution to the colorful round engagement ring. Typically that is placed within a princess cut solitaire ring.

Instead, an oval gemstone is a favorite option, very similar to a brilliant round rock but with a modern elongated end. Set without side rock melees.

Cushion cuts are a favorite option with stars and possess, a round square shape which shows the stones genius. Set without side rock melees, or possibly a halo.

Emerald cuts are just another hugely popular option, a rectangular shape that carries over a larger surface area, this trimming actually displays a stone clarity. Set without side rock melees.

Metal Types

Here in Alexander Sparks we provide a vast selection of engagement rings in a range of metals including gold, rose gold, yellow gold & gold.

Your pick of metal actually is dependent on your spouses taste, an increasingly more common option is either white gold or a platinum group. Traditionally a yellow gold ring or rather a rose gold ring provides a modern style.