Ayeza khan Wedding: Shares a Heartfelt

Note for Husband Danish Taimoor

Ayeza khan Wedding shares a heartfelt note for husband Danish Taimoor on 6th wedding anniversary

Leading Pakistani celebrity Ayeza khan wedding shared with a Heartfelt notice for hubby Danish Taimoor in their sixth wedding anniversary, stating,”He might be my soul mate but he is definitely someone my spirit desires.”

The Mehar Posh celebrity turned into Instagram and Shared a loved-up throwback photograph together with the hubby and written down a heartfelt message.

She wrote,”I do not believe in soulmates. I Do not believe there’s a great human being for each one of us out there. It is just that each and every relationship takes some time, sacrifices and also a great deal of hard work to be successful.”

She said,”It has been six years since our Union and more than 12 years because I’ve known himand that I will tell you something. I haven’t felt comfortable or secure around anybody else but him. And I’m nothing but thankful for this.”

“He might be my soul mate but he is definitely Somebody my spirit desires,” Ayeza khan wedding included using a hashtag #6thweddinganniversary.

Ayeza and Danish Taimoor got wed in 2014 and Have two kids, kid, Hoorain Taimoor and boy, Rayan Taimoor.

On the front, the star couple is Now found in romantic drama show Mehar Posh.

Ayeza khan wedding awakens in decorative outfit

Pakistan’s much-adored celebrity Ayeza khan wedding Stunned fans with her beauty as she shared with a set of images from a current styling session onto her Instagram page.

Aside from her top notch performances, the TV celebrity Is also adored for creating fashion statements. She lent her attractiveness to this stunning bridal appearance that made her more glamorous.

She seems like a princess in hand embroidered attire. Her look narrates the stories of oriental heritage, surrounding tradition with a touch of modernity. She finished her appearance with thick standard jewelry which served her as a wonder lift.

Obviously, Ayeza looked drop dead gorgeous In bridal avatar.

Ayeza has worked in creating her Own market as a leading celebrity to etch her name in mind and hearts of the crowd forever.

She’s being lauded by fans for her character Of all’Mehar’ from the continuing drama serial Geo Entertainment.

Ayeza Khan’s Best Makeup Looks

Ayeza Khan has a pretty face and that she looks fantastic In every cosmetics appearance, this is why she is seen doing all sorts of different photo shoots. Since Ayeza Khan made a comeback following the arrival of her baby, she’s changed her style completely. She moved from being a very simple looking celebrity into a fashion icon. Ayeza Khan is obviously pretty so that she looked beautiful even if she wasn’t sporting these grand appearances.

Whether It’s a grand makeup appearance or a simple One, Ayeza khan wedding has these attributes and face she looks great in all of them. Ayeza Khan can also be among those actresses who’ve sported a lot of different bridal appearances. She’s a favorite of makeup artists. Ayeza Khan also experiments along with her looks quite often unlike earlier when she had the exact same appearance in each and every project.

The Royal Asian Bride

This appearance will inspire lots of bribes-to-be outside There who need an all glammed up seem in their wedding day that is ideal in every manner. Ayeza khan wedding make-up within this appearance is not too loud or too small. The stylist as well as the makeup artist really tactfully have given her a royal appearance by complimenting a somewhat more straightforward makeup appearance with heavy jewelry. Ayeza Khan’s design, eye makeup and the color of her lipstick inside this appearance is ideal. Everything pops in together to provide a look that’s perfect and creates Ayeza Khan look magnificent. The ideal selection of jewellery of course makes a massive difference because everything inside this appearance is colour coordinated making it appealing.

Peachy Pink For The Win

Ayeza Khan’s peachy pink appearance Seems to be Straightforward but a good deal of hard work goes into attaining this type of subtle yet flawless appearance. Every makeup essential can be employed in these appearances but in this manner that nothing stands out and the result is an soft but refreshing appearance. This needs to be the ideal summery look for daytime events such as lunches and get-togethers together with buddies. Additionally, this is the type of appearance that may be carried out by utilizing one cosmetics item for the lips eyes and cheeks while the remaining part of the appearance calls for a perfect base to begin with and a few subtle highlighting to complete it off. Mascara also plays an integral part in shaping the eyes as there’s not any eyeliner employed within this look. Yet more, this appearance is ideal because the makeup artist retained into account exactly what Ayeza Khan was about to wear and accessories she had been pairing her appearance with.

The Fantastic Mehndi Bride

Ayeza khan wedding looks absolutely stunning in this Mehndi appearance. Some women prefer a’no cosmetics’ makeup look in their mehndi however You will find many others who’d much rather choose a look that’s formal But in precisely the exact same time differs in the appearances they’re likely to game on the Remainder of the functions. Ayeza Khan looks magnificent in this makeup appearance which Makes her eyes look larger and her lips prominent. The makeup artist Accentuated all her attributes to provide them a more definite form. Since Ayeza Has great facial attributes thus the makeup artist made use of them. Ayeza Khan’s grin definitely adds more beauty to the appearance. Once more The option of colors employed from the makeup artist whilst performing the cosmetics has made All of the difference. Well defined eye brows and the semi smokey eye liner look makes Ayeza Khan’s eyes seem very lovely.