Build your own wedding invitations templates

No matter if you print professionally or make your own, the wording of your wedding invitation templates is important. Your wedding invitation wording will inform your guests about all the details they need to attend your big day.

These include setting the date for your wedding, booking the ceremony and reception venues, and knowing who your guests are.

1. Set Your Wedding Date

You should confirm your wedding date as soon as possible. This will allow you to plan your wedding according to a schedule. You can also notify out-of-town guests by sending save the dates cards once you have a confirmed wedding date. This advance notice will allow your wedding guests to plan to make travel arrangements and take time off work.

2. Confirm your Ceremony and Reception Venues

As these details will need to be included on the save the date cards wedding invitation, you must confirm the location and time of your ceremony. You should also verify the names and addresses of the venues.

3. Decide how many guests you will invite

This will help you determine the number of invitations and other stationery that you will need. It is a good idea to print extra copies of your invitations in case you make a mistake when mailing your wedding invitations. It is possible to also have place cards, thank you cards, and reply cards printed in one theme.

4. Select a Wedding Theme

Choose a theme for your wedding invites. This can be based on your chosen theme, if not, choose a design or color to use for all your stationery.

5. It’s always a good idea to let your guests know what they should wear to your wedding. These details can be found at the bottom or side of your invitation.

6. Do you plan to allow children at the wedding? You can state that you are having an adult-only wedding reception on your invitations or on your RSVP cards if you wish.

7. What Type of Reception is It?

It is also a good idea to indicate the type of reception that you are having. This will allow your guests to know what they can expect in terms of food. If you plan to host a cocktail party lasting two hours, it is a good idea for the invitation to include a start time and an assumed finish time. This will ensure that guests are expecting nibbles instead of a full meal.

8. You should also consider the dimensions, weight, and shape of your wedding invites. This can affect how much postage is charged especially if there are many.

9. Once you have these details, you can start to make your invitations. You must ensure that all details are correct before you print your invitations. It is vital as you could end up paying a lot if all your invitations are reprinted because of a mistake.