Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding gifts that are budget-friendly

You may be having a problem with money if you are attending multiple weddings in the summer. Due to the many events that have been postponed over the last year, there may be multiple events you need to attend. Some of these events will require hotel rooms and plane tickets. You can also get Wedding Gift Ideas for newlyweds.

All of this adds up and, while you may want to give your loved ones something truly wonderful, it shouldn’t jeopardize the ability to pay your electric bill or mortgage.

Fear not. We have some suggestions for you, all priced below $100

Scratch-off map

If your new spouse loves to travel, this will be a wonderful and unique gift. Waypoint Wanders sells scratch-off maps for around $30. You can also give the couple a map the United States, one of the country’s parks, or a map the rest of the world.

Gift card

This might sound personal. However, it all depends on the gift card. A generic gift card like an Amazon or Visa gift card might be forgotten quickly by newly married couples. However, couples may still treasure gift cards even after many years.


Buzy-Pucheu recommends giving newlyweds “any small, sturdy appliance made by Cusinart.” They are durable, last, and are built for families,” she says.


Gift entertainment to newlyweds

Martin Thornburg, a designer of bridal dresses for Mon Cheri Bridals in Ewing, New Jersey, says that the first year of marriage should be about the couple settling into their new lives together. A one-year subscription to a video streaming site like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ will provide the couple with “unlimited date nights movie options.”

Depending on the service, the gift should be around $100 or less

Framed wedding invitation

Make the day memorable for the couple. Framing the wedding invitation that was sent to you in the mail is a sentimental and affordable gift. Framing an invitation is a thoughtful gift. Thornburg suggests that the couple could frame the invitation and keep it up on the wall so they can always look back at their wedding day.

This is a very popular idea that has seen little downside in recent years. You might feel a bit sheepish if other wedding guests do the same thing and suddenly the couple gets several sentimental framed invitations.

Casting kit

Give the couple a helping hand, or two.

This is not about clapping for newlyweds. Give a gift of a hand-held casting kit.

This kit is available on at $68.99 and allows couples to make a mold of their hands clasping. The couple had a lot of fun creating a statue of themselves clasping their hands by the end. It is a gift that represents their love and oneness.