Expert Advice: How to Live Stream Your Wedding

You can live stream your wedding ceremony, regardless of whether you are getting married in a foreign location or if you have family members who cannot attend. You can share your most memorable moments with family and friends by using a variety video-streaming services and apps. In recent months, live streaming has been a hugely popular trend and we believe it will continue to grow in popularity.


You have options: DIY, professional, or mobile. Although live streaming is free, it’s best to invest in quality equipment if you plan ahead.


There are many platforms available to stream your wedding live, and live streaming has become increasingly popular. Facebook Live, Instagram TV and YouTube Live are the most popular streaming platforms. You also have the option to livestream from Vimeo or Dacast, which is a new platform.


As long as you have some help, it’s possible to stream your wedding live stream from anywhere in the world. It is a good idea to nominate one or two of your most tech-savvy guests to help you with this task.

Facebook Live: You can stream your event free of charge for as many participants as you like, and it will be available for up to eight hours once you click’start live video.

FaceTime: FaceTime allows up to 32 people to connect if you and your guests have an iPhone/iPad. This is a wonderful option for intimate weddings. Just make sure you check with your guests to ensure they have the right device.

YouTube Live: You can stream up to 12 hours of video in one go. This is free for unlimited viewers. This option is great if you wish to re-watch your live stream, as YouTube will automatically save it.

Zoom: You can broadcast on a private Cloud for 40 minutes with up to 100 participants if you have a Zoom account. For a $50 fee, you can purchase a monthly “pro-” zoom account that gives you additional allowances and allows you to broadcast to up 500 participants.

Google Meet: Google Hangouts has recently been renamed to Google Meet. This is another free tool that anyone can use with a Gmail account. Google Meet allows 25 people to join a video conference, but Google has offered exceptions.


You can stream from a smartphone, tablet or laptop as well as a GoPro. There are no right or wrong choices, but make sure you choose a quality camera and clean your lens before you begin!

An external microphone with sound baffle is a good option if your ceremony takes place outdoors. For as low as $50, you can find inexpensive versions that plug into your smartphone. A baffle (AKA Wind Shield), will reduce background noises, such as guest chatter or light breezes.

After you have your streaming setup in place, make sure to think about your audience. Your guests will feel more engaged if they take the time to look at the camera during the event. You want them to feel valued as a part of the celebration.

You also have the option to decide whether you wish to record your live stream. This option is available on most streaming services, but you must select it at the beginning of your live stream. It’s a popular option that couples enjoy sharing with their guests.