Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding – Everything You Should Know

A Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding is one of the most popular beach wedding destinations due to its 24 miles of sparkling sand beaches and individual beach communities.  To ensure you have a successful and smooth Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding, we recommend you follow this important advice.

It is very important to let your guests know the wedding will be on a sandy beach, so they need to dress appropriately. You can let your guests know through your wedding invitation or through the traditional word of mouth. We suggest making sure your guests know to wear flip flops and have a de-sanding station so your guests can easily clean their feet when the wedding is done.  Also, it will be extremely bright out there, so it’s best to provide your guests with sunglasses if they do not bring them.

Believe it or not, if the wedding is in the wintertime, it can get chilly.  Remind your guests to bring a sweatshirt or light jacket.

Your Fort Lauderdale Beach wedding needs to be planned far in advance. If this is a destination wedding, its very important to give your guests as much time as possible on your wedding date so they can put in vacation requests at work and even find the best deals on traveling.  As a rule of thumb, one year in advance is best.   This will ensure the parents of the bride and groom and wedding party members will make it for sure.

A very important question many ask when organizing their Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding is… Are we responsible for booking travel and accommodations for our guests?

The answer is no.  The couple getting married is in no way responsible for a guest’s airfare, accommodations, or meals when they are traveling to your wedding. However, we do recommend a hotel block.  A hotel block is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make sure your guests have comfortable accommodations that ensure easy access to your Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding ceremony and reception location.

A resort may want you to have a minimum room block to go along with the wedding. In these situations, it’s best to make sure these suggestions are mentioned on the details card of your invitation suite as well as on your wedding website. Once the room minimum has been met, you can update your website with additional accommodation recommendations.

Additionally, we suggest doing your research on the weather.  When is hurricane season?  When is it too hot to sit outside for 15 minutes at a time?  These are all important questions to ask you and your partner when planning your perfect wedding.  And the most important thing is to get the necessary permits for a public beach wedding.  Unless the beach is on private property, you’ll need to check local township ordinances before setting out a gazebo and chairs, as a permit may be required for a larger event. Finally, make sure your wedding will work in rain or sunshine.  You must accommodate for rain happening at any given time.