Wedding Photography Tips for Brides and Grooms

My advice is always sought after on the big day. Sometimes it happens months or even weeks in advance, and sometimes it is just the day before. This is a simple truth. I’ve done it more times than you. Although I am not a wedding planner, we photographers can almost become them on your big day. After being there all day, we are your only point of contact until the DJ takes it over. is an online wedding community that features the top wedding vendors in the USA. Our platform makes it easy for clients to find the Find Wedding Photographer in New York. Our community center encourages and shares great ideas for your wedding.

Here are some tips for Find your Perfect Wedding Vendor to ensure that you get the best from your wedding photos. Let’s rock your wedding together, because there are no second chances!


A clean, clutter-free room is a great place to take photos, regardless of whether you are getting ready at your venue or at your parents’ house. Make sure to clean out your space before you start getting ready. Space is limited with your wedding party, and other vendors such as your hair and makeup artists.

Cleaner rooms will produce cleaner images. This allows us to focus on what is happening and not have to walk around trying to find anything else.

Make sure you have plenty of time. Although it sounds bad, there are always things that go wrong and they can cause delays in your plans. You should be prepared with enough time to relax and enjoy the moment. Rushing to the ceremony will not only make it difficult for you to take photographs with your wedding party but also leave you less time for other activities. Take some time to relax and take a few deep breaths. Take a moment to enjoy the calm.


This is probably something you didn’t know, but it is a key element to your wedding day.

Your ceremony, which is the actual marriage, is the most important part of your wedding day. Rest is tradition, our fun, or both.

Although it is not a common practice, some religious venues prohibit the taking of photographs during legal ceremonies. Strangely, there doesn’t really seem to be any set rules regarding this and seems to be strictly down to your Priest/Vicar/officiates views.

When choosing your venue, this is something you should consider. To avoid disappointment, make sure you ask your priest/registrar whether you are granted photographic permissions for the ceremony. You might try to negotiate before the big day to avoid your photographer being kicked out or banished from the church.


Moving on from Permission is position! This completely changes my ability to stand and what photos I can take for your wedding ceremony. Remember, if this is important to you, then two photographers equals two positions.

Every groom or bride wants to capture the moment when their spouse turns around to catch their first glimpse and feel the emotions as they walk towards their happily everafter.

This view can be difficult if your bridesmaids, or possibly your priest, are walking down the aisle. This can be avoided. Ask your Priest if he/she likes to walk up the aisle in front of you.


Perhaps you’ve heard of unplugged weddings before. But do you know what they are and how they work?

Unplugged weddings are truly magical. This is when your guests are asked not to take photos during the ceremony. This is a sign that people are in the moment. It is important to remember that weddings are expensive for guests. So why pay so much for hotels and alcohol at the reception when you can watch the main event from your phone or camera?

It’s hard to count the number of photos that Uncle Bob or Aunty Mavis have ruined. Usually, it happens as you walk down the aisle after you say I do! Although it’s not pleasant, it does happen.

Formal photos.

Formal photos are where you gather your family and friends around you to take a photo together. These are typically taken standing in a line. You can make things more interesting and do something really cool, if you have the time. It takes at least five minutes to care for a pet animal.

As part of my questionnaire, I request a list six weeks prior to your wedding. I make several copies and give them to family members or ushers to help me gather everyone together. To speed things up, you can use the tips below!


Except for stand-up comedians, who most people believe they are, very few people will be willing to give a speech. Although they may be more unique than others, the thought of speaking in front hundreds of people is nerve-wracking.

It’s okay to get it out of your system. Most people who give speeches tell me that they are in panic mode and just want it over with. If you are having speeches, get it done. Ask your venue to give speeches prior to the wedding breakfast/meal. This will make everyone feel more comfortable and allow them to relax, rather than causing anxiety.

Couple Time.

Are you looking for romantic couple photos? I take you apart so you can enjoy your time together, even though everything is happening. I enjoy taking you on your journey from the ceremony to reception, or right after, to give you some time to yourself without anyone putting a camera in your face to take a picture. This allows you to take a moment to reflect on the vows you made and also gives me the opportunity for beautiful real moments and glimpses of your love.

For those beautiful golden tones and light, I love to take couples out again near sunset. It is a good idea to plan a time for couple photos between 30 and 45 minutes before sunset. I guarantee we will have a blast. Although it will be more difficult than the first session, you should be comfortable with me and likely a little bit boozy by now.

Do not stress about the dress.

Your dress is a top choice for your wedding, and likely one of the most important investments on your wedding day. But don’t worry about it!

It will get dirty. Even if you aren’t there all day, it will still pick up any general fluff, dust, and other debris. It will still look stunning, so don’t worry about it.

Another reason I mention it is because most amazing wedding photos are taken in places that contrast with your dress. You’re bound to get it dirty so don’t be afraid to get in the puddles. It will get a bit dirty by the end of it all. I am also quite proficient at holding dresses while walking across fields, etc.

Be brave.

You have the right to make it your day. You can do what you like! Cool! If tradition doesn’t want to follow your lead, they can tell you! Do it at 110%, and let your partner do it! This really shows in the photos. You can see the sparkle in your eyes and smiles that tell you “We did it!”

Be brave with your photos. Try something different. The results will be worth the effort. You get what you put into it. Get those stunning photos that other people wouldn’t dream of. These photos will tell a better story than any others and will showcase your courage and personalities perfectly.