How Do I Select the Right Table Linens for My Occasion?

According to research, fashionable table linen and nicely decorated tables can actually make your meal experience even more incredible. In addition to adding style and class to your meal time, sumptuous table linens can change how you perceive food. While planning an event can be stressful, it does not necessarily have to be. Selecting the right table linens will guarantee an elegant and stylish occasion. This article provides a comprehensive guide on choosing the proper linen napkins for any occasion.

Consider the Quality

Quality plays a significant role in ensuring a beautiful and functional table setting is achieved for your specific occasion. You should find good quality tablecloths that withstand frequent washes, spills or stains. You do not want linen that becomes threadbare or tears apart after a single wash. It is important to remember that a tablecloth involves an investment in the aesthetic and mood of your event. Therefore, you must invest in good quality for the best results.

Consider the Material

The best table linens should be made using soft and natural fibres such as cotton and linen. Even though you can buy synthetic ones, the overall impression and feel remain inferior. If you love taking photos for social media feeds, pure linen tablecloths will give you excellent results.

Consider the Color

What is the theme of your event? You should select table linen cloths and other pieces that align with the theme of your event. This gives the entire event a great feel overall. If you are looking to achieve a formal appearance, the perfect colour for your tablecloth linen includes ivory, off-white and plain white. On the other hand, while you might want to add extra colour to your table, ensure you choose one that aligns with the décor. Also, avoid incorporating shades that overwhelm the décor. Some tips for adding extra colour include coordinating the colours with those of the curtains, walls or crockery.

Maintenance Level Required

While most people seek visually appealing table linens, it is equally important to consider the required maintenance levels. How do you intend to clean your tablecloths? Do you plan on utilizing professional laundry services or washing the linen in-house? If you plan on cleaning the tablecloths yourself, you must ensure you select a fabric that is easy to maintain. The good news is that linen tablecloths are easy to clean and maintain, thus less stressful to deal with.

Additionally, linen tablecloths are usually highly absorbent and durable, making them a sustainable solution for your tablecloth. While most synthetic fibres turn shiny when ironed, linen does not. In fact, the line gets better after every wash. In summary, linen tablecloths give your occasion a polished yet informal and welcoming look. Linen tablecloths will always make even the most ordinary breakfasts and dinners feel special. With all the benefits linen tablecloths have over other materials, including durability and excellent comfort, you will quickly love them.