Do You Need a Post-Proposal Getaway

If you have the financial flexibility to make it work, it’s a great way of celebrating your newly-minted relationship status.

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You’ve probably seen these posts if you are active on social media: A couple celebrating their engagement on a tropical vacation is a way to celebrate their new relationship status. You might be thinking about a post-proposal getaway. A romantic getaway for the two of you is a great way to celebrate this milestone. You might also want to share this moment with your family and friends. Here are some reasons to consider a getaway.

Take a break

After the proposal, a post-prom getaway allows you to take a break and enjoy the moment before diving into planning your wedding. A getaway does not have to be planned. You could stay in a hotel for a few nights or rent a cabin in the mountains together to enjoy a weekend before you share the news with your family.

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Celebrate Privately

While an engagement should be shared with family and friends, it is best to take time to appreciate the news privately before sharing the news. If you have a large family or a large circle of friends, it might be difficult to share the news with everyone. A quick getaway could be the best way to celebrate your union.

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This could be your last pre-wedding vacation

This could be your last vacation together, depending on how long you plan to be engaged. Your engagement will be a quick one after years of being boyfriend/girlfriend. Before you can become husband and wife, take a trip with your fiancee and fiancee.

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