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Silicone Wedding Rings: A Complete Guide

A diamond is eternal, but it is not worth the risk if your ring is stolen or lost. You may be reluctant to show off your gorgeous engagement ring or wedding band everywhere. Silicone wedding rings are the solution. This brilliant invention replaces expensive rings and gives you peace of mind no matter where you are.

Carol Offman, a jeweler, says that silicone wedding bands are a safer, more comfortable, and less expensive alternative to traditional engagement and Silicone Wedding Rings.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of a silicone wedding band and what to look out for when looking for one.

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Silicone Rings: The Pros and Cons

They are less expensive than diamond Silicone Wedding Rings (usually under $50) and they are easier to find. They not only help to prevent theft but also keep your rings in better shape. You won’t have to wear your “real” wedding bolero ring as much if you wear a silicone ring. This prevents scratches and general wear. They are comfortable and available in many sizes and colors.

However, silicone isn’t as durable as metal. Offman states that silicone will wear down over time and won’t last a lifetime if it is worn daily. “A Couple Rings made from gold or platinum will last forever, if it is made well.” It’s still nice to be able to wear something less expensive when necessary.

What to look for in a Silicone Wedding Rings

Why would you choose a silicone ring over a regular metal ring? A lot of people buy a silicone garnet wedding ring band to wear while they travel, go to the gym, or do something outside like hiking or going to the beach. Wearing them to work can make you feel more confident, especially if you work in construction.

What are the available colors for Silicone Wedding Rings? You have the option of choosing a color that matches your personality.

Can I still have a traditional metal band? Yes! Yes! You can wear your silicone band while you are out hiking or playing sport, and your metal ring for the rest of your day.

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How to Care For Silicone Wedding Rings

Silicone rings can be very easy to clean. Offman suggests cleaning them with soap and water, but advises not to place them on until they are completely dry.

She adds that they should not be worn in the bath. “If they are worn wet, bacteria could grow in areas where there is not enough airflow between the skin and the ring.”

We’ve got 20 trendy silicone wedding rings for you to choose from.

Enso Classic Elements Silicone Wedding Rings

These rings are made with real precious metals, such as black pearls that contain real pearls. They still feel unique. You can also choose from classic, thin, and halo widths to customize your ring.

Groove Life Thin Solid Copper Ring

If you intend to wear your silicone ring while working out, Groove Life’s rings are the perfect choice. They are extremely breathable and comfortable and allow moisture to enter and exit.

Qalo Stackable Twist Silicone Ring

This thin, twisted silicone band is designed to be mixed with other rings to create a stackable look. This ring is definitely different from a traditional metal band.

Manly Bands: The Best Man

This silicone ring from Manly Bands is perfect for those with larger hands. These ring are durable and comfortable. They come in several dark colors.

Saferingz Titan Gunmetal Metallic Silver Silicone Wedding Band

This ring is available in a dark metallic color and can be worn with any outfit. This ghetto wedding rings is made from heat-resistant and durable silicone, which makes it extra safe to wear.

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