First Look at Roll with Cole & Charisma’s Wedding Photos

Cole Sydnor and Charisma jamison, Roll With Cole & Charisma, knew right from the start that their love was different. Sydnor explains his love story in an exclusive interview with The Knot. It doesn’t matter in what form it’s taken. It doesn’t matter if it’s black or white, able-bodied or not. It doesn’t matter if that love isn’t there, it’s still beautiful.

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Sydnor went on a day trip about a decade ago with a few friends. She returned to her home in a totally different place. “On a hot summer day in 2011, Sydnor went to the James River along with some friends. At one point, he jumped into the water and I broke my neck. He recalls that I was immediately rendered quadriplegic. “A friend jumped in just before I was swept away the rapids.”

Roll with Cole & Charisma’s wedding photos

Sydnor proposed with an original song to Jamison in July 2019. The couple, like millions of COVID-19 users, changed their wedding plans many times. They moved their nuptials from an indoor space to an outdoor location, and they also adjusted their dates to accommodate their loved ones. Jamison says, “We wanted it to be contained to a large outdoor space to make socially distant.” Jamison said that we had only a few close friends and family members as guests. These are just a few. These are our family members whom we see regularly. It was in a beautiful location.

Accessibility was not a factor in the move to an outdoor venue in a historic place like Richmond. Jamison says, “Since it was not 100 percent accessible we had to create our own ramp for that one area.” “So Cole can get to our ceremony. It included our C&C logo, wedding date and custom C&C logo. Sydnor laughs, “I don’t see anyone having custom-made wheelchair ramps at their marriage!”

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The Couple and Their Unbreakable Relationship

Jamison had never dated someone with a disability before Sydnor. Jamison recalls, “I studied disability in undergrad and that entire world–so it was very immersive. But I have never had a romantic relationship or a relationship with someone with disabilities.” It was very different. You have to learn how to love someone with a disability. But you also face the same problems as others, such as disagreements and arguments. It wasn’t that different for a couple once I realized this. It was easy to adapt to. It was fear of the unknown.

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Both Sydnor, Jamison and their third date were able to tell that they had found their life partners. Sydnor laughs and recalls, “I knew that I wanted to marry Cole on the third date.”

What it’s like to be in an inter-racial relationship

Jamison Sydnor and Sydnor are an example of love that can manifest across different backgrounds. Sydnor says, “Many people look at our relationship and wonder what it’s really like to live in the capital city of confederacy as an inter-racial couple.” It doesn’t depend on race or ability. It starts with love. It’s the heart of everything. We try to emphasize that every day.”

“I am with Cole because he is my love, and I am with him because he is mine.” Jamison adds, “If there’s any other reason than that,” We really return to our love. We just tried to stop ourselves from falling for that. It’s emotionally draining to hear comments about Cole’s Blackness or how he would settle for me being Black. It’s just love. It’s love.

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Their marriage

Now that they are married, their love is complete with the joy of sharing a lifetime together. Sydnor says, “I have always been the kind of person that is loyal to people. To a few select few.” “I’m thrilled to be able to make the most important commitment in my life as a married woman. Charisma is my best friend, my greatest love and my best friend forever and ever.